Top Tips for Pre-owned Auto Loans in Mukilteo

November 30, 2017

auto loans in Mukilteo

Looking for a “new to you” vehicle is both exciting and a little intimidating, particularly when this is a new experience. Do not make a car buying decision lightly, however, especially if you are planning to apply for one of the many options for auto loans in Mukilteo.

Here are some valuable tips to ensure that you shop and spend wisely:

  • No more than 25% of your income should be spent on all the cars you have. Making a realistic budget is important.
  • If you a current or former military service member, ask about car financing for US veterans.
  • To make shopping easier, fine tune the number of autos that interest you to no more than 2 or 3 makes and models.
  • Compare the costs for each of your choices for fuel, insurance and routine maintenance.
  • Apply for financing at the dealer prior to finalizing your car choice.
  • Consult Edmonds or Kelley Blue Book to discover the actual invoice price of the vehicles in question. Use this information in your negotiations.
  • Be sure to ask about incentives before signing your contract.
  • Don’t forget to test drive each of the models you have selected and drive them in less than favorable weather and road conditions if you can.
  • If you plan to trade-in a car, know its value before beginning the process.

Fresh Start Approval offers a variety of pre-owned vehicles in all price ranges. Call us at (888)348-3290 to learn more about our current inventory and to ask about your options for auto loans in Mukilteo.