Shop for Used Cars and Auto Loans in Lake Stevens

June 12, 2018

Auto Loans in Lake Stevens

Buying a car is considered a major purchase, whether it is a brand-new or pre-owned model. As such, it is important to make an informed decision about your vehicle choice and if you will be financing it at the dealership or paying cash. A little pre-preparation can help you buy a reliable used car at an affordable price. There are many auto loans in Lake Stevens for which you can qualify, no matter what your credit standing.

  • Having a budget is crucial. It is wise to spend less than 25% of your income on all vehicles that you have.
  • Decide between a certified used auto or used Kia cars for sale.
  • Limit your vehicle search to 2 or 3 makes and models.
  • Evaluate ownership costs for each of your choices, and include expenses for fuel, insurance and routine maintenance.
  • Discuss financing with the dealer before making a final vehicle choice.
  • To learn the real invoice price on different cars, look online at sites like KBB (Kelley Blue Book) or Edmunds. These prices will provide the foundation for negotiation.
  • Inquire about available discounts, incentives and special sales before signing a contract.
  • Test drive the models in your narrowed search. If at all possible, drive in different road conditions and weather situations (especially rain and snow). It is ok to test drive a vehicle more than once. This IS a major expenditure.
  • If applicable, consider your trade-in value when negotiations are on the table.

For a wide-ranging selection of pre-owned vehicles in all price ranges, visit or call the knowledgeable team at Fresh Start Approval at (888) 348-3290. We are pleased to offer affordable auto loans in Lake Stevens for all buyers.