Plan Your Car Budget with Auto Loans in Mukilteo

March 4, 2015

Auto Loans in MukilteoMany individuals feel that “budgeting” is a dirty word but in order to effectively plan to meet debts from auto loans in Mukilteo it is important to determine how all of your money is being spent. One suggested guideline is limiting your debt to less than 45% of your monthly income.

When considering the purchase of pre-owned vehicles and one owner cars for sale there are several factors that must be addressed.

  • Examining your monthly income versus outgoing payments before heading to the dealer will help you not to be tempted to overspend. Make a list of all debts and include mortgage or rent, insurance, medical expenses, taxes, etc.
  • Keep in mind that your car payment must cover costs for registration and auto insurance.
  • A shorter term loan equals higher monthly payments but less interest. Likewise, a longer term loan has smaller monthly notes with more interest accrued.
  • Allowance for a trade-in vehicle if this applies to you.
  • There may be an application fee.
  • How much can you afford to pay as a down payment? It is best to borrow as little as you possibly can.

Evaluating your monetary options before visiting Fresh Start Auto will give you a better overall experience when buying a “new-to-you” pre-owned vehicle. For questions about our selection of used cars and auto loans in Mukilteo for every financial situation, call our finance team today at (888) 348-3290. We are ready to help you secure immediate financing in a no-hassle consultation for your choice of autos from our extensive inventory.