Good Credit Auto Loans in Snohomish

October 22, 2014

good credit auto loans in SnohomishThere is so much PR info available today online, TV and elsewhere for those who have a poor credit history and want to purchase a new or used vehicle. What about options for those individuals who have worked so hard to have good credit? You are in luck. Fresh Start Approval is pleased to offer good credit auto loans in Snohomish for people who have made the sometimes extremely difficult effort to pay bills on time.

If you have no blemishes on your credit history and a high credit score, you can walk into any dealership and negotiate an excellent deal for buying a pre-owned vehicle, particularly one that may be on the more expensive side if desired. Fresh Start Approval provides guaranteed approval for your auto financing and it is a simple and fast approval process with your good credit standing.

Having a larger down payment is beneficial to you in that you will have lower monthly payments for the term of your loan but it is definitely not a requirement for auto financing. As we do accept your vehicle as a trade-in, this provides even more negotiating power for your purchase.  Having little to no credit history can also be concerning for customers as well. But with Fresh Start Auto Loan Approval, it is possible to obtain car financing with no credit in order to begin to establish a good credit rating through an auto loan.

Call Fresh Start Approval at (888)348-3290 to speak with one of our professional sales personnel to discuss your specific used car requirements and learn more about our good credit auto loans in Snohomish. We guarantee your satisfaction with both our service and the financing of your “new” pre-owned vehicle.