Fresh Start Offers Bankruptcy Auto Loans in Marysville

September 11, 2014

bankruptcy auto loans in MarysvilleBeing unable to meet financial obligations is frustrating and defeating, so filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies can be a devastating proposition. Your credit rating is damaged and often may seem irreparable until many years later when you may have the opportunity to slowly build it back up. The “catch 22” here is that you often must have a vehicle to drive to work, to pay bills and rebuild your economic stability. However, to buy an auto, you need good credit. This problem is not an issue when you are seeking to buy a used car. Fresh Start Auto Loan Approval is pleased to offer bankruptcy auto loans in Marysville regardless of your credit history.

Family owned and operated since 1968, our experienced sales professionals will work with you to secure financing for just the right vehicle available from our wide selection of SUVs, trucks and cars. We guarantee your approval for an auto loan and will make sure that it is affordable for you now, and in the future. Not only is our financing fair and affordable, but our inventory is second to none.

Our in-house financing allows you to find a vehicle, buy it and make monthly payments – all at our business. Our finance team can work with each individual one-on-one to make sure that the loan selected is the best option for each individual credit type and situation.

Purchasing a vehicle will aid in re-establishing and repairing your credit which, in turn, can help you to make other large expenditures later. Call us at Fresh Start Approval today at (888) 348-3290 to discuss a bankruptcy auto loan in Marysville and let us talk about what types of documentation you will need.