Conventional vs. Military Auto Loans in Lake Stevens

December 9, 2015

If you are an active member of any branch of the United States military or are a retiree with 20 or more years of service it is in your best interest to learn more about military auto loans in Lake Stevens before seeking traditional financing for a used car. You may be surprised at the simplicity and flexibility of the military auto loan process.


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A dealership that specializes in military auto loans can provide 2 distinct advantages over another lender. One, a dealer has an extensive inventory of a multitude of different models, year and in any price range. Two, after you find the car on the auto lot, a finance officer in the sales office is readily available to discuss and facilitate financing with flexible loan terms, pricing, APR and down payment options. Car loans with any credit are routinely offered to military veterans.

The loan process is uncomplicated, since you have a dependable salary and job security with the government. The dealer considers you an excellent credit risk, even if you have a less than favorable credit history. All you need is documentation of military service and other standard paperwork. The application process is easy and fast.

To learn additional information about the types of vehicles we currently have in stock and the availability of military auto loans in Lake Stevens, call us at Fresh Start Approval today at (888)348-3290. Our team of professionals would be proud to assist you and your family with a premium used car and affordable financing.