Car Loans in Marysville

December 10, 2014

 car loans in Marysville For the majority of high school and even college graduates, financing car loans in Marysville can present unwelcome and unpleasant challenges, although paying in full at the outset is always a plus. Also suffering from this unique credit problem may be a newly divorced individual whose only credit was in the ex-spouse’s name.

Young auto buyers have usually not had enough time to sufficiently build a credit history, much less one with a high credit score. Also presenting a challenge is a high debt to income (DTI) ratio. This means that after dividing your total debt by your gross income that the percentage is too elevated. An ideal DTI is between 30-40%.

Less is great and more is not as advantageous. Whatever your credit history or DTI, Fresh Start Auto is equipped with a large inventory of used cars and can determine the most appropriate mode of financing for your situation.

If your DTI is too high, you can lower it by producing a larger down payment. This can be in the form of cash or via a trade-in, although you are likely to command a better price on your old vehicle by selling it yourself. Negotiating a longer term loan can also help.

To discuss your options for buying and financing a quality pre-owned vehicle, contact the professional sales and finance staff at Fresh Start Approval at (888) 348-3290. We are pleased to offer a variety of car loans in Marysville and look forward to assisting you in your “new to you” auto purchase.