Bad Credit Auto Loans in Snohomish are Available for You

June 17, 2016

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Snohomish are Available for YouIf your credit rating is less than average, it may be necessary to apply for bad credit auto loans in Snohomish when you are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle. The reason for your poor credit is not a concern for the loan officer at a dealership; their priority is your willingness and ability to pay for the car.

There are a number of dealers who are happy to offer auto financing after bankruptcy or other financial calamity. However, if it is possible, cleaning up your credit before going on a car search can save you a great deal of money.

  • AnnualCreditReport.com (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) will supply you with one free copy of your credit report each year. Acquiring your FICO score report will cost a small fee. If you find any errors, correct them as soon as possible. This can effectively raise your credit score a number of points and get you a better interest rate.
  • To further improve your credit, apply for a “secured” credit card with a low limit. Paying at least the minimum amount due each month shows lenders that you are a better credit risk.
  • Rebuild your credit with small amounts of debt that you can pay off within a short amount of time.
  • Consider credit counseling for advice on saving money and spending wisely.

Bad credit auto loans in Snohomish are available at Fresh Start Auto Plaza. Call (888)348-3290 today to learn about our financing options and our current inventory of used cars and trucks.