Acquire Car Loans in Snohomish from an Independent Dealer

February 26, 2017

car loans in SnohomishTo the average person, used car dealerships look pretty much alike. However, there are differences that can be important to you as a buyer. New car dealers are part of a franchise and answer to vehicle manufacturers. Independent dealers have more flexibility in the kinds of vehicles they can sell and the types of car loans in Snohomish that can be offered.

An independent dealership is known for affordable cars and financing for even the poorest credit ratings, which makes it a welcome choice for vehicle shopping for many individuals. The dealer often caters specifically to the needs of the location and community. For example, 4-wheel drive trucks may sell best in one area, while convertibles do better in another locale.

There are several different types of independent dealers:

  • A used car superstore stands by its sticker prices and will usually offer longer warranties. CarMax is one example.
  • Specialty used vehicle dealers focus on certain makes and models and are a big draw for collectors.
  • Consigners sell for private owners who are uninterested in handling the aspects of a sale. Financing is available where if purchased from the owner himself, it would not be.
  • Buy here, pay here dealers supply loans to buyers and payments are made at the dealership.

Researching the vehicles that interest you and finding out your credit score before shopping will give you an advantage when you walk into a dealership. Take the time to investigate independent dealers prior to visiting them and get recommendations from people whom you trust.

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