6 Tips for the Best Car Loans in Marysville

June 4, 2015

Virtually every new and used auto dealership offers car loans in Marysville that vary in scope and structure. Options abound for financing whether your have excellent or poor credit. It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how to go about getting the best deal on an auto loan, particularly if this is something you have not experienced before.

Car Loans in Marysville

Here are 6 tips to help you secure optimum financing on a pre-owned vehicle:

  1. For a great negotiating tool, know your credit score in advance of visiting the dealership. This gives you the upper hand when working out a deal with the sales person.
  2. Realize that car buying is actually a 3-step process. There is the price of the used vehicle itself, the value of your trade-in (if applicable) and the financing. Negotiating each of these separately will save you the most money.
  3. Keep your focus on the vehicle itself rather than looking solely at potential monthly payments.
  4. Only use the auto’s sticker price as a guide for determining the final price. Expect to pay less.
  5. Buy your auto insurance from an agency instead of the dealer. You will likely get a better rate.
  6. While the lower monthly payment of a long-term loan is tempting, financing for a shorter term can save you a great deal of money.

Whether you are buying an older model or one of the many one owner cars for sale, look over the options for car loans in Marysville at Fresh Start Approval. Call us today at (888)348-3290 to begin your pre-owned car buying journey.